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Facials by Skin Expert
Warming Honey Cleanser iS Clinical by Al

      iS Clinical Fire & Ice Treatment Facial



Treatment Price | £120 – Treatment time | Please allow 60 mins


Our most popular facial, this intensive clinical treatment is design to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, diminishing the appearance of line and wrinkles while smoothing, softening and encouraging overall skin rejuvenation. Excellent for all skin types and ages, this facial results in a complexion that is dramatically refined, with no downtime, peeling, or other negative side effects.


     iS Clinical Champagne Enzyme Resurfacing Treatment Facial



Price | £120 – Treatment time | Please allow 60 mins


The powerful yet soothing CHAMPAGNE ENZYME TREATMENT FACIAL combines papaya and pineapple enzymes with a potent clinical-level grade of glycolic acid. This professional treatment produces a luxurious foaming activity while bioactive ingredients exfoliate and deep-cleanse the pores; revealing a polished, healthy and radiant complexion.


     iS Clinical Harmony Treatment Facial



Treatment Price | £120 – Treatment time | Please allow 60 mins


This soothing and revitalizing facial is designed to awaken the senses and restore hydration balance to the skin as it renews tone, clarity and resilience. The Harmony Facial captures the essence of refreshing and therapeutic bionutrients and brings forth vibrant energy and circulation, giving a healthy glow to the fatigued skin. Great for sensitive skin types.


All treatments Can include LED light therapy


Glow Mini Facial


Treatment Price | £50 – Treatment time | Please allow 30 min 

| £30 – as add-on treatment | Treatment   time | Please allow 20 min 


The DÉESSE LED mask is one of the worlds original and most famous LED phototherapy offerings and has been hailed by the Telegraph as being one of the key treatment trends for 2018. The Déesse PRO is developed by the original market leaders in mask LED treatment and uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) to expose the skin to 5 clinically proven wavelengths of light, delivered at a safe therapeutic dose, to stimulate a natural cellular response. As a stand-alone treatment or integrated with existing treatments this celebrity loved the device.

  • Increases the production of collagen and elastin

  • Helps reduce fine lines

  • Improves skin texture and radiance

  • Revitalises the complexion

  • Improves congested, breakout prone skin

  • Calms redness and inflammation

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system

  • Speeds the healing process


Back Cleansing Experience


Treatment Price | £120 – Treatment time | Please allow 60 mins


Using natural cosmeceuticals including gentle peels, serums and masks. The result is a refreshed, clear, revived complexion you will be happy to show off. This is a bespoke treatment and may include steam extraction, gentle peel, vacuum suction, high frequency, LED light, massage. 

Perfect For: clarity, radiance, city skin, pore perfector, detox 



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